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Our team consists of professional and highly motivated people who with their dedication will be happy to provide you with the best solutions for your needs, and will follow you step by step, in one of the most important choices in life, buying the property of your dreams. "Live your dreams."

In order to always provide you with the right and professional support at every stage of the sale, our team is supported by other specialized persons, such as notaries, lawyers, architects, construction experts, photographers and brokerage agents.

"Live your dreams" with Bell Holiday Invest!

Questions & answers

What is an OIB and why is it needed?

OIB is a personal identification number that anyone who is part of the Croatian financial system should have, from opening a bank account to starting a company. OIB is issued by the Tax Administration Office.

Can foreign citizens buy real estate in Croatia?

Since 2009, EU citizens are free to buy real estate in Croatia, unless it is agricultural land. If you are not a citizen of the Union, the rules vary depending on the country you belong to. Citizens of countries that have signed a reciprocity agreement with Croatia can buy real estate in Croatia as long as they have the consent of the Ministry of Justice, which takes 2 to 6 months. Citizens of countries that have not signed a reciprocity agreement with Croatia cannot buy real estate as a natural person, but can establish a company in Croatia and make a purchase through it. However, EU citizens cannot own agricultural land in Croatia, but need to buy it with the help of a Croatian company.

Is it better to buy real estate in Croatia as a person or through a company?

Most EU citizens buy real estate as a person because it is cheaper and simpler. However, only Croatian citizens can buy forested areas and agricultural land. Foreign citizens can buy them only through Croatian companies.